Over the past 20 years, we have logged countless hours leading training and workshops on a variety of topics.  We have experience working with first-line leaders. managers of managers and executives in the training room.  Most of our training is customized for clients to reflect the context within which mangers operate.  A representative sample of those topics follows.

  • coaching and counseling skills
  • project definition and planning
  • consensus decision making
  • interpersonal skills and styles
  • leadership skills for first line/first time managers
  • building and maintaining high performing teams

Some “off the shelf” programs

Programs for Individual Development

Effective Conflict Management

Most people assume that their ability to manage conflict is a function of their personality.  Not so.  Assertiveness, cooperativeness and other essential conflict management skills are developable.

In this training, participants will gain insight to their preferred approach to conflict  and learn additional approaches so as to expand their repetoire for dealing with high stakes situations.  More specifically, participants will:

  • receive and analyze feedback from key stakeholders on their constructive and destructive conflict management behaviors
  • analyze the root causes of conflict in organizations and match the appropriate conflict management tactic to the particulars of a situation
  • formulate a plan for dealing more effectively with conflict in their workplace

This workshop is offered in a public format twice per year and can also be brought in-house for six or more participants.

Programs for Team Development

Teaming and Teamwork

There is a plethora of information about the benefits of diversity on teams.  But, not much training is available on how to leverage the various approaches to problem solving and decision making on teams.  This training focuses on just that.  Using David Kolb’s notion of Team Space, this workshop helps participants understand their own operative assumptions when working in teams and expands their awareness of others’ approaches as well.  Using a highly interactive design, the training helps participants discover the processes that lead to better problem solving and decision making on teams.

This workshop is offered twice per year in a public format and can be brought “in-house” for a minimum of 10 participants.

Team membership skills

Most of us receive training on leadership skills, but almost never learn about what it is like to be an “exemplary follower.”  This workshop focuses on two dimensions related to working on teams.  First, the training explores individual preferences and needs when working on teams.  More specifically, the components for effective teams are explored from three different perspectives.  Second, group dynamics such as groupthink are explored and a simple model for more effective management of teams is offered.

This workshop is best suited for intact teams or teams that are assimilating new members.