The HR/HRD Professional Development Program

The HR/HRD Professional Development Program


This program is designed and intended for HR and HRD practitioners who are serious about their own professional development but who have time and budget constraints.  It considers the specific needs of both internal and external consultants and addresses them with cutting edge content, expert coaching and facilitated group discussion and exchange.  Both seasoned practitioners and those new to the profession can benefit from participating in the program given its flexible nature, which allows for selection of  all or only some of the components based on their own  individual goals and objectives. The program is six to nine months in duration with an option for renewal.

The Overall Process

Exploratory meeting:
A one on one consultation to determine if the program is a good fit for the
prospective participant
A tailoring of the program to individual needs and budget along with a
commitment to engagement
Engagement in the selected components of the program
An assessment of learning in the context of initial goals
Disengagement or renewal:
A one on one collaborative decision to continue in the program or end

The Specific Steps

Individual Objectives Setting and Components Selection: A one on one
session that clarifies the participant’s development objectives for the program

Depending on the components selected, all or some of the following are

  • Insight Instrumentation:
    selection, administration and interpretive debrief of one or more self-reported
    inventories from a menu of options. Options include the MBTI Step II, FIRO-B,
    CPI 360, Strong Preferences, LSI.
  • Leadership 360:
    selection, administration and interpretive debrief of one of the leadership 360
    inventories from the list of options.
    Options include the ECI 360, Benchmarks, Cambria Leadership 360, or the
    Leadership Agility 360.
  • HR/HRD Professional Development
    : guided completion and review of the professional
    development planning workbook based on either the SHRM or ASTD competencies
  • Facilitated Cohort Group Coaching
    : a series six monthly, two hour coaching group
    coaching sessions
  • Facilitated
    Cohort Group Content/Seminar Meetings
    : a series of three
    semi-monthly, two hour presentation meetings on selected topics
  • One on one coaching sessions: face to face or phone coaching
    sessions as pre-determined or as needed

At or near the end of the individual participant’s program, an assessment of
the achievement of learning goals and decision to disengage or renew

The Cost

The cost of the program is determined by the individual participant’s selection of program components.  The specific fee for a tailored program is determined at the Contracting Meeting.