“John Poirer is an Organizational Development professional that helps a business evolve and thrive.  John helped our 18 year old start up transform itself into a scalable and significant service business.  John helped us build competency models and taught us how to attract, evaluate, and coach talent allowing us to leverage our vision. In three short years we went from $13 M to $35 M in revenue while net income grew from $180K to $6 M.  We always worked hard.  We always had a great value proposition. Only John was able to help us break out.  I would be happy to discuss our experience should you want more detail.”

Kevin Barney
Senior Vice President
Tuition Management Systems

“John and I developed a number of programs together when we were working for Avery Dennison (Dennison Manufacturing, Inc, at the time). Those programs were used extensively to develop first line and middle managers throughout the entire manufacturing organization.  We also worked together on a sales program that we developed that was ultimatley used to train not only the company’s entire sales organization, but also many of our dealer and distributor sales people as well.

As our careers progressed, John and I both received our Ed.D. degrees in leadership and organization development.  John stayed in learning and development for all these years.  I went into general management.

I’ve brought John into several of my compaines over the years and found him to be an extraordinarily helpful, seasoned change agent in each endeavor.  It is with considerable pleasure that i strongly recommend John Poirer and his associates.

Tom Loper, Ed.D.
President & CEO
NuCedar Mills, Inc.